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Biotechnologijos apibrėžimas, priimtas 1989 m., Europos Biotechnologijos Federacijos (EFB) visuotiniame susirinkime:

Biotechnologija  – tai gamtos mokslų ir technikos mokslų integracija siekiant panaudoti organizmus, ląsteles, jų dalis ir molekulinius analogus produktų gamybai ir paslaugų teikimui”

“Biotechnolology is the integration of natural sciences and engineering sciences in order to archieve the application of organisms, cells, parts thereoff and molecular analoques for products and services”

Discussion with the patent examiners from the European Patent Office

  Dear clients and cooperation partners, SORAINEN, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists is proud to invite you to a discussion with EPO patent examiners on … Daugiau

2015 European Biotechnology Week, October 12-18

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